The Mill
Birth & Wellbeing Centre

The Mill is a beautifully refurbished Grade II listed building sitting on the banks of the River Welland in the stunning village of Duddington, near the town of Stamford.

We offer rooms for hire that are equipped for Massage, Beauty and Spa Treatments, Reiki, Counselling, Sport and Remedial Therapies and much more.

About The Mill

The watermill was built in 1664 for a man named Thomas Soden. It was featured in a series of paintings titled ‘Recording Britain’’ and was painted by the artist S.R. Admin in 1940. The painting is a topographical watercolour. After the war, the whole series was given to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London by the Pilgrim Trust in 1949. The pictures now form a memorial to the war effort, and are a unique record of their time. This building has a lot of history and is wonderful for it to be back in use again for the local community.

We are close to Stamford, Wansford, Uppingham, Wittering, and Kettering, sitting on the boarders of Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and Cambridgeshire.

With 9 different rooms, The Mill offers an excellent environment for complimentary wellbeing services. All fully equipped and finished to a high standard to ensure your clients experience luxury from the moment they arrive at the centre.

We offer three single treatment rooms and one double treatment room with an en- suite, equipped with luxury treatment couches and brand new custom built units.

We offer three counselling/consulting rooms with soft lighting, beautiful decor and a sofa and armchair in each.

There is a large workshop space ideal for smaller classes that don’t require as much space as the yoga studio such as laughing yoga, painting workshops, art and dance therapy and pregnancy relaxation services.

In addition there is a spacious and bright open studio, which is 495sqft. Equipped with private shower and changing facilities. This is perfect for yoga, dance or other exercise classes.

We have another studio space, which will be added in the future. This space will also have a feeding room equipped with everything you would need to feed and change your baby in comfort.

Split into three distinct areas; the ground floor provides services for, pregnant, baby or children classes for ease of access and safety. The first floor for any other treatments or classes as listed above, with a third area due to open in 2022 with full disabled access and facilities.

The Mill also has an onsite car park for customers so you can rest assured that you will be able to safely park upon arriving.

We really have tried to think of everything that a community would require from a health and wellness centre.

Our Rooms

Our Reception and Waiting Room is a large and welcoming and permanently staffed reception area.

Orchid Room

Dimensions 5.4m x 5.2m 28sqmt (301sqft)

Is adjacent to the Reception area. This workshop space is ideal for smaller group sessions with a beautiful inglenook fireplace and stunning views.

Magnolia Room

Dimensions: 2.77m x 2.78m 7.75sqmt (83sqft)

Located on the ground floor this is a beautifully lit room with natural light and a nature loving view of the River Welland. One of our smaller rooms this is ideal for talking therapies. It has a desk and chairs available.

Hibiscus Room

Dimensions: 4.4m x 2.63m 11.5sqmt (124sqft)

Adjacent to the Magnolia Room this is a ground floor treatment room, with atmospheric lighting and equipped with a luxury electric treatment couch, sink and worktop height units.

Yellow Lily Room

Dimensions: 2.18m x 4.25m 9.25sqmt (100sqft)

Located on the first floor this room is one of our counselling rooms with a view overlooking the River Wellend. This is a calm and tranquil room equipped with a sofa, armchair and sink.

Orange Lily Room

Dimensions: 5.53m x 3.5m 19.5sqmt (210sqft)

Adjacent to the Yellow Lily Room this is a larger size treatment room equipped with a luxury electric treatment couch, sink and worktop height units.

Lilac Room

Dimensions 4.53m x 3.74m 17sqmt (183sqft)

Is our spacious double treatment room with an adjoining ensuit on the first floor. It is perfect for anyone who would like to offer spa treatments that need the use of a shower facility or couple massages with enough space for two treatment couches.

Blue Dahlia Room

Dimensions 4.56m x 2.1m 9.5sqmts (102sqft)

Located on the first floor this room can be adaptable to be either a larger counselling room or a smaller treatment room. Equipped with a sink and worktop height units. We can provide either a treatment couch or a sofa and armchair.

Pink Dahlia Room

Dimensions 5.96m x 2.79m 16.5sqmts (177sqft)

Adjacent to the Blue Dahlia Room this room is available only as a treatment room when the studio is not in use.

Lotus Studio

Dimensions 8.65m x 5.42m 46sqmt (495sqft)

Is our largest room, with its open space, original beams and plenty of natural light, this room is ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness or Relaxation groups.

Room Rates

Room rates vary depending on the size of the room and duration of hire. Please get in contact to discuss availability and which room is best suited to your needs.


Alexandra Constant

The Mill - Founder

Alexandra is the owner and founder of The Mill Birth and Wellbeing Centre. You will often see her in a more practical role at the centre either on Reception or during one of her classes listed below. Alexandra started training as a doula after the birth of her daughter...

She has then gone on to further her skills and training in other areas throughout the years to help others through the new transition into motherhood. Alexandra was introduced to Mindfulness in 2019 were this also became an integral part of her life.

Alexandra took the plunge to train as a Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Teacher to combine both her doula and Mindfulness knowledge. Alexandra is also the facilitator for the local Stamford Gingerbread Single Parent Group.

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting
  • Mother Blessing Ceremonies
  • Gingerbread Single Parent Group Facilitator
  • Closing the Bones Practitioner
  • 3 Step Rewind – Perinatal Trauma Recovery
  • Birth and Postnatal Doula

To find out more about these courses please contact the centre.

Lesley Edwards

Calmer Life Hypnotherapy

Lesley Edwards is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, having qualified in June 2019 from the renowned CPHT in Peterborough...

Lesley had been a Samaritan volunteer for over 25 years and during that time became aware that people suffer in so many different ways and whilst talking was helpful she started to want to do something more so was delighted to hear from a friend about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

It’s all about helping you understand how your brain works, how anxiety and depression are caused, why you react in the way that you do and how focusing on the positive and looking forward can help. Hypnotherapy can also be used to help clients cope better with phobias, pain, sleep issues, weight management and much more! It’s non-invasive and very gentle, allowing you to live your best life.

And no, you wont end up running around like a chicken (that’s the most commonly asked question!) but what you will be able to do is leave the often painful past behind and find a calmer life. Lesley has experience of working not only one to one but has also conducted group relaxation sessions, including at Thomas Cook head office in Peterborough when the business collapsed to support the staff through the trauma and stress.

Dawn Revens


Dawn is a Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in Exercise Referral, Metafit and Purestretch and also has a BSc Hons degree in Food Science as well as additional nutrition qualifications.

Dawn has a passion for helping women to get and stay in great shape for life by knowing what to eat, losing weight, toning up and staying flexible. Dawn is here to help support you and motivate you to overcome hurdles and reach your health and fitness goals

Rae Bird

Yoga Instructor

Rae Bird is a 200hr registered yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, Yoga Alliance US)...

Rae is proud to offer an up to date yoga practice that has its roots in tradition but is relevant for the 21st century. She welcomes everyone of all ages and abilities, from beginners to more experienced yogis.

Her gentle flowing movements are designed to improve mobility for everyday living, and along with yoga breathing and relaxation techniques, her teaching invites self-awareness and aims to benefit mental and physical wellbeing. Her intention is always to encourage possibilities in her students and to give them the ability to make choices in how they approach their practice, so creating a sense of ownership.

Always learning, Rae is inspired by exploring her own daily practice. She attends weekly classes with functional yoga specialists Peter Blackaby and Chris Taylor, and regularly joins courses and workshops to broaden her knowledge.

She has taken further courses with practitioners such as Carol Trevor and BareFoot Body in restorative yoga and trauma sensitive yoga (level 1), and attended numerous workshops including yoga for backcare, iRest Yoga (yoga nidra), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

Julie Bickerton

Nomad Yoga & Massage

Julie Bickerton is the founder of Nomad Therapy, there to support and nurture you throughout pregnancy, postnatally and through menopause...

Her philosophy is to promote positive touch and accessible yoga. Providing a safe space where we can be honest and open about our experiences as women and building a community where friendships are made. After Julies training as a baby massage instructor and having her son, Julies fascination with babies continued to grow and broaden. Now in her midlife Julie is expanding her experience to support women through this period of their incredible lives. “I feel very lucky in my vocation. I love what I do and I continue to learn from every woman and baby that I meet.”

Bryony Mezzatesta

The Postnatal Nanny

Bryony is a mother of three, qualified teacher and postnatal guru working in South Lincolnshire, Rutland & surrounding areas.

Bryony provides 1:1 postnatal support and parenting advice. She is here to help you find your feet as a new parent and offer support with breastfeeding, sleep, weaning, play, postpartum recovery and emotional wellbeing. As well as make plenty of coffee. At The Mill Bryony offers group workshops appointments for parenting support.

Karen Mcgilvray

Massage and Spa Therapist

Having specialised in massage and spa therapies for over 20 years, Karen has a deep understanding of their health benefits for both body and mind.

Dedicated to continuous professional development and furthering her skills, her attention to detail and holistic approach are reflected in the client-focused treatments she creates.

Karen offers a uniquely personal approach to massage. You are welcome to choose from the list of treatments, but equally many clients prefer to 'Simply Book Time' and have a personal, bespoke treatment designed just for them. Karen is a fully insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, BABTAC, The Iris Cancer Partnership and is approved by the Government Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme.

Rachel Mason

The Inspirational Soul Sanctuary

Rachel is an Inspirational Coach, Soul Therapist, Reiki Master teacher and author. Over the past 15 years she has held Wellbeing Workshops, Meditation groups and Women’s Circles in the UK and Spain.

Specialising in helping people to develop coping strategies to deal with their emotions and to understand their internal world more. Rachel’s Wellbeing workshops offer a relaxed, non-judgemental environment where participants can develop a greater sense of self.

Each workshop deals with a different theme, some of which include self-acceptance, reclaiming your power, finding your calm and coping with stress and anxiety. The main aim of the workshops is to help you find the building blocks you need to develop your own personal way of being and to understand yourself more. The Women’s Circles offer a safe space for self-reflection, nurturing, sharing of wisdom, a place to heal and above all some much needed time out where you can just be you. A sacred circle where you are free to express yourself and share your thoughts, worries and ideas.

“I am so excited to be hosting workshops and circles in this wonderful new centre and look forward to sharing this experience with you. Please allow yourself to feel as this will help you heal.”

Ali Hutchinson

Health and Wellness Coach

Ali is a passionate advocate for women’s health. A certified Health & Wellbeing Coach, Nutrition and Gut Health specialist and Menopause Coach.

She runs a busy wellbeing practice and weaves plant medicine, namely ceremonial cacao, into her intuitive coaching enabling you to open your heart and embrace powerful transformations. She loves working with individuals and groups to create the energetic shift that they need to help them ground themselves, feel rooted in who they are and understand where they are going.

She is a powerful intuitive coach and loves working with women to help them get out of their own way in terms of their health goals – be that improved energy, weight loss, weight management or coping with symptoms of menopause.

Each of her ceremonies, workshops and women’s circles deals with a different aspect of our life from reacquainting ourselves with the child we used to be, to finding our inner strength, power and confidence in the woman we are today especially after a bereavement, break up, career change or just the ‘life stuff’ that happens to us.

“At The Mill Birth and Wellbeing Centre I am honoured to be able to serve you with Cacao ceremonies, women’s circles, nutritional support and meditation. If you’re at a cross roads and looking for the emotional support to move you forward join one of my forthcoming events. Together we’ll find and embrace a whole new you.”

Luciana Dagnan

Always Your Way Yoga

Luciana is a multi discipline (Hatha, Kundalini, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa) yogateacher and Paramana educated (Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers) doula.

She has specialised her practice and study in the female journey, hormonal/reproductive health, conscious conception, pregnancy and postnatal yoga.

Luciana also teaches grief and trauma healing with yoga, shaping the practice to safely meet you exactly where you are. As a doula she assists families prenatal/postpartum and with children all ages, babies, preteens and beyond…. All the never expected, constantly changing stages of NEEDING A HELPING HAND!

“I am certain that we can reclaim our connection to ourselves and each other, through conscious commitment to building communities for people to express themselves and find support and knowledge in how we can thrive as humans, rather than all individually bare knuckling the ride! The Mill feels like it has the opportunity and integrity to create this and I am humbled and inspired to be a part of it as it grows”

Luciana will be offering the following classes and workshops at The Mill

  • General Yoga classes
  • Trauma, grief, mental health, workshops.
  • Kundalini and Hatha based pre/pregnant/postnatal/mother & baby Yoga classes.
  • Women’s circles
  • Men’s yoga, kriyas to enhance general health and strength, fertility and preparation for fatherhood.
  • Men’s workshops, supporting your partner through conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond!
  • Birth and Postnatal Doula
  • Couples conscious conception workshops and yoga classes.
  • Yoga, Ayurveda and Doula informed workshops.

Debbie Forster

Heart and Sole Stamford

Debbie is a highly trained Reflexologist who has a level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology (L5Dip). She studied with the Anahata College in Lincoln.

This is an accredited qualification, validated and fully regulated by the awarding body ‘Agored Cymru’. She is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Foot and hand Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary holistic therapy which is based on the theory that the different points on the feet and hands correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists believe that by working these points on the feet or hands they can help the body achieve complete relaxation and balance and so improve wellbeing.

Debbie loves giving either Foot Reflexology or Hand Reflexology sessions and because she is Level 5 trained she can also deliver NEPIP treatments. This is a treatment specifically designed to support clients who are suffering with stress and anxiety issues. It works on the nervous, immune, endocrine systems and the emotional centre (limbic system) to give a relaxing and balancing treatment for the mind, body and spirit.

As part of the initial discussion with Debbie a full history will be taken covering medical, history, diet and life-style.

Julie Sallis

Sallis Massage Therapy

Julie is a Level 3 Massage Therapist trained in Sports, Swedish & Hot Stone, a fully insured member of FHT, as well as First Aid & Covid trained for your safety.

Massage is renowned for its healing powers of our mind, body & soul. Whether you have a sports injury, aches, pains or just need to de-stress, let my passion turn your massage into your unique treatment. Julies dedication to massage therapy, continues with on going training in Pregnancy Massage and Scar Therapy.

Sara Lowndes

The Sleep Supporter

Sara is an accredited Level 6 Child Sleep Consultant who supports parents to teach their children the skills to become independent sleepers, through sleep analysis...

...detailed personalised sleep plans with non-judgemental support and guidance. Sara has experienced sleep deprivation with her own two children and is on a mission to ensure others do not suffer.

Sara is a qualified Early years teacher and is passionate about positivity and the mental health of parents. Sara has supported local families and celebrities to make changes to their child’s sleep habits through her sleep plans and guidance, resulting in well rested families and happy babies.  

Debbie Dolby

Take your power back well-being coaching

It is Debbie’s vision to connect individuals that are interested in investing in their mental wellbeing.

It is a fact that people with less friends or support are more likely to experience mental health problems. Lets connect and help each other in a safe non judgemental supportive group.

Debbie is a qualified mindfulness practitioner and well-being life coach. She is also NLP qualified and CBT trained. “I am real and practise living my own life in an authentic way.”

Where are you at in your life right now?
What’s not working? Are you stuck?
Have you formed bad habits?
Unorganised chaotic lifestyle with no time?
You feel judged and you are your own worst critic?
You are stressed and wake up overwhelmed and unable to unwind at bedtime?
You have all the self help books but you have lost hope?

    This coaching group will offer you:
  • Inspiring fun sessions
  • Lots of practical ideas and planning tools
  • Solution focused
  • You will devise your own plan
  • Learn how to break bad habits with a recognise and replace technique
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Build up connection and friendship with like minded individuals that are focused on moving forward.

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